Accessing Freedom has permission to reveal these testimonials, however, the complete names of the persons involved have been withheld for confidentiality:

Filled with Hope

“Lorraine, Thank you so much for doing the session with me.  I can feel the difference in how I feel about everything.  I was in such despair, but now I am filled with hope.  God bless you for being that “facilitator” of freedom.”  –Tricia

Cleansed & Released

“God Bless Lorraine and her ministry. I recently went through an inner healing and deliverance session with her, and I have been so blessed since then. Realizing where so many inner hurts and traumas can be cleansed and released has changed my life. I feel born again all over again! What an apt name Accessing Freedom!”    – Yellow Rose

Moment of Impact

“Thank you for the prayers. Jesus met me at the moment of impact – both with respect to literal physical accidents and emotional wounds that opened areas of my soul where my enemy found access to torment me with physical ailments and emotional/mental distress! The ministry opened my eyes to generational curses that created patterns of sin and to long-standing sources of pain where I’ve struggled to gain complete access to freedom. Jesus was so tender and strong in His ministry to me. It seemed He literally took me apart and put me back together in health! He replaced lies and curses spoken over me from childhood with His truth. I am His daughter whom He covers, protects, heals, and delivers.”
– Candy, HI


“I am more than grateful you served the calling of God to help me be free of pain and know the freedom of being in Christ. The time you spent on the phone with me is a huge part of my story. Your sessions helped me gain the spiritual fortitude I needed to finally break up with my non-Christian boyfriend of 5 years. I never thought I could do it and is a testimony for the sake of Jesus Christ. I will never stop praising Jesus Christ for you and the freedom your love and sacrifice brought into my life.”  – Olivia, NE

Hearing Truth Straight from Jesus’ Mouth

What I love most about this method is that Lorraine partners with the Holy Spirit in such a magnificent way that you are able to hear the truth straight from Jesus’s mouth and receive healing from deep wounds that sets you free to Love and receive love fully without fear!”  – Deborah, CA

Lost Their Power Over Me!

“After receiving a single “freedom session” from Lorraine, I can honestly attest that fear, guilt, shame, stress, depression & torment have lost their power over me! Thank you Jesus!!! I feel so different — like the real me that God’s created me to be! I’m experiencing more of God’s love, joy & peace in my daily life. My sleep has greatly improved too. My husband has noticed the change in me as well & is thankful to have me back. Thank you Lorraine for being God’s anointed vessel, allowing Him to work through you to bring deliverance to God’s chosen people! ❤️” – Jeanie, TX

Feeling Wonderful!

“I no longer have depression that I had my entire life!  It’s been months since the session and I’m feeling wonderful… about 100 lbs lighter!  Surprisingly when you laid hands on my head, after the inner healing and deliverance, I actually felt something change inside my brain! Thank you, Jesus!” – Elen, HI

Changes Since My Deliverance

“Lorraine, I’ve been meaning to email you an update since the sessions a year ago. I so appreciate you guiding me through the process of allowing the Lord to heal all those traumatic memories that I had totally blocked… and getting the enemy off of me!  I remember you telling me back then that as a result of that work, things would be completely different in a few months. You also said that I would begin to attract good relationships in my life. Soon after, I broke up with that boyfriend, and have been meeting really quality Christian men lately!  And I got a job working for ___, and just yesterday I got promoted to Director of ___!  I could feel there were changes coming. I just didn’t know all this would happen so quickly! But our God is a big God, and with Him on my side, who could dare be against me?!” – Lisa, CA

Ankle Pain is Gone

“Two weeks after my session, my ankle started improving. The numbness is gone and the pain I used to have for years is rarely there. There is more strength in my ankle also. So grateful for your time ministering healing to me. It was just so transforming!” Nicholas

The Missing Link

“Accessing Freedom has been the missing link for me in my healing journey. For example; practically every week, in my sleep, I would send ‘group texts’ saying hurtful things attacking one of them in a rage. I would only realize the following morning what I had sent. So embarrassing! I tried everything to stop but it continued for years.  It’s been 2 months since my deliverance and there’s been no more texting in my sleep! Also, my friends say I’m calmer, and no longer randomly jumping around from subject to subject in conversation. This ministry has been the main key to my happiness and spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical well-being.” – Victoria, WA

No More Nightmares

“I’m so thankful! The same horrific nightmare I had over and over my whole life is finally gone! – Bob, NC

I Got My Stomach Back

“I want to thank you so much for your assistance with my journey to freedom. During the deliverance session the other day I was not fully aware of what was going on, but the following day I began to weep and weep and then felt a release in my spirit. Afterwards I realized, for the first time in my life, that I have my stomach back. I know it sounds strange but I’ve always felt that my stomach was dormant, never having any kind of “gut” feeling or instinct about anything… but I do now! And the knot I’ve had in my stomach my whole life is also gone. There’s no tightness and it feels totally relaxed and alive now. It’s so different not carrying around that stress in my belly. Praise God!” – Irene, HI

Transformed Lifestyle

“My life has been transformed after receiving freedom sessions, and I am amazed at how Jesus has used this particular tool to set me free in many areas where I was stuck for years. Lorraine taught me how to recognize my “triggers” and to bring them to Jesus to receive healing, truth, peace, joy and freedom! As a result, I enjoy a deeper intimacy with God and a greater ability to hear His voice. I also have more clarity. As issues crop up, I am now able to go through the simple steps of Accessing Freedom on my own! What brings me even more joy is that I have been using this on friends and strangers; and I’m amazed at how many people are getting free so easily!! Not only are they set free, but they are equipped to stay free and impart that to others. For example: I did a session on a neighbor who’s been afraid to drive for 20 years. God brought her to a childhood memory regarding driving and fear. She immediately remembered how her father would have her wait in the car while he drank at the bar; and then would drive home recklessly drunk which made her afraid for her life. I applied the Freedom Session steps and she had a wonderful encountered with the Lord. The next day, she got in the driver’s seat and was able to drive without any fear; and she has been driving everywhere ever since!” – Deborah, CA

Renewed Vision

“My head is so clear now. I can focus more. This is the clearest my mind has been since my last mission trip in 2001. I am now praying about serving again in Youth with a Mission. Thank you for the session!” – Nadine, England

Free from Pornography

“After 2 Freedom Sessions, my 10+ year pornography addiction is gone! I’ve been free for 2 years now. My wife is so grateful to you, too!” – Anonymous male, CA

Free From The Spirit Of Legalism

“I’ve been serving the Lord since 1993, but my issue has been a spirit of legalism, and it has hindered my accepting God’s unconditional love. No matter how many sermons I heard from the pulpit, and no matter how many times I read passages in the Bible regarding God’s grace, I felt I could never measure up to what I thought God required of me. I also didn’t understand my position of authority over the enemy until I experienced my own inner healing and deliverance session on the phone with Lorraine. For the first time in my life I’m actually experiencing God’s grace. Big breakthrough! Thank you, Lorraine!” – Anonymous male, TX

Free from The Spirit Of Depression

“After years of losses I found myself in deep depression. There were many things standing in the way of me experiencing God’s presence in my life. God used Lorraine to help me get to the root of each one of these issues, many of them stemming from hurts and damage as a child caused by my relationship with my father. During the inner healing and deliverance session the spirits of rage, pain, guilt, shame, failure, blame, loneliness, oppression, thoughts of suicide, and perfectionism all got removed! Thanks to the prayer session on the phone, for the first time in 12 years I feel the love of the Lord, and a supernatural spirit of gratitude! The relationship with my 23-year-old son has also dramatically improved! I am now actively involved in the ministry again, and able to reach out with the Lord’s compassion to others who are hurting. These emotional and spiritual breakthroughs have since led to the discovery of what needs to be physically healed in my body. Through prayer with Lorraine, God is also helping me to take action steps to now address my health issues. I highly recommend supporting this non-profit ministry. Lorraine is a God-send!” – Cindy, CA

Breakthrough Trusting God Regarding Finances

“After struggling for years not being able to fully rely on the Lord in the midst of my current financial intimidating life circumstances, through a freedom session with Lorraine, the Lord uncovered a spirit of self-reliance. God showed me a memory of when I felt uncomfortable with the way my parents and friends at school related to me. As a result, when I was 12 years old, I distinctly remembered making the following decision, “From here on out, I’m going to do things my way!” Becoming a Christian later in life was wonderful, however, because the Lord showed me this memory during the prayer session, I was able to renounce this vow, and forgive my parents and friends at school for how they treated me. What happened immediately following was surprising! The Lord had me scan all the difficult circumstances throughout my life since the 12-year-old decision and see Him in every one of those memories. I saw myself relying on Him in each one of these. I realized that Jesus was actually there all along but I just wasn’t aware of Him at the time. Then I fired self-reliance. I’m now able to trust Him in my current financial situation, rather than relying on myself.” – Anonymous male, HI

No Longer Shy

“Ever since I can remember, I’ve felt what I had to say was not important, and that whatever I had to say had to really make an impact, otherwise, it wasn’t worth saying. Nobody really knew me. I didn’t think anyone cared to listen to what I had to say. For example, I remember one time someone was genuinely interested in hearing about my mission trip to China. I didn’t even answer them feeling like they couldn’t care less about what I had to say, so I just walked away. The source of this issue was revealed during a freedom session on the phone with Lorraine and I was healed. Interestingly, just a few days after that prayer session, in the middle of a Sunday service, my Pastor prophesied to me saying, “God is giving you a voice!” He was so excited he said it several times. He had no idea that I had just addressed this issue in prayer. That’s when I knew the freedom session worked. Since then, instead of feeling invisible and unimportant, I am very comfortable talking with folks and not scared at all.” – Elaine, AZ