Online Deliverance Training Workshops

Lorraine’s Zoom interactive workshops are for those that are called to minister deliverance and want actual experience doing it.  No need to fly in!  You can access all schools online via your smart phone, iPad, Tablet, desktop computer, or laptop.

Level I School of Deliverance requires you watch 4 hours of training video prior to joining a Zoom workshops/school. Trainings are limited to 3 participants per school. With Lorraine as your coach, you will minister as well as observe others ministering to become proficient at facilitating ‘inner healing Jesus-encounters’ and ‘one-issue deliverance’. Cost is $750 which includes worksheets to guide you every step of the way. One class per week for 5 weeks (2 to 3 hours each class) Certificate of Completion with Scott & Lorraine’s signature will be provided.  Please provide information about yourself and past ministry experience when submitting your request.

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Level II School of Deliverance requires you watch 3 hours of training videos, then join an online workshop for approximately 3 hours a week for a total of 5 weeks (non-consecutive). With Lorraine as your coach, using worksheets that walk you through the entire ‘Scott Bitcon’ deliverance method, you will minister inner healing and cast out demons using a safe, calm, biblical approach. In addition, you will observe other students minister the same. Trainings are limited to 2 participants per school. Cost is $750. Certificate of Completion with Scott & Lorraine’s signature will be provided.  Lorraine has been mentored by Scott Bitcon for the last 6 years and has personally facilitated over 3,000 sessions. Dr Scott Bitcon is the Chairman of this ministry ‘Accessing Freedom’ and considered to be the most experienced deliverance minister in the nation.

The Deliverance Mentorship Program requires prior completion of Level I and II. This school consists of ministering full deliverance sessions with your clients via Zoom the day and time of your choice. Lorraine will partner with you as you together facilitate sessions for your clients. Or she will observe as you minister and make suggestions afterwards. Cost is $200 per session.

Lorraine Larzabal

Lorraine Larzabal

Lorraine Larzabal, the President of Accessing Freedom, a YWAM Alumni, ANGA Network Member, and has personally ministered deliverance to 3,000+.  Read more in the “Directors” section on this website.